Seminar on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Growth

Intellectual property, innovation and growth - how are they connected? Welcome to a breakfast seminar where we take a closer look at research on the link between intangible assets, innovation and growth.

Together with Vinnova, PRV is supporting, within the framework of a government assignment, research projects that investigate the links between intellectual property and company competitiveness. The research projects are funded through Vinnova’s call “The link between intangible assets and competitiveness – business strategies in the age of digitalization”. The seminar presents the funded research projects and the questions the researchers are seeking to answer.

The feasibility study “Intellectual property, innovation and economic growth/prosperity at the macro level” is also addressed. The preliminary study will provide a basis for a future call for proposals, which will focus on connections at a more general level (macro perspective). The seminar provides an opportunity for discussion of the issues and a valuable contribution to ongoing research.

The seminar starts at 08.00 and ends at 09.30. Breakfast is served from 07:30. The seminar will be followed by further discussion and debate.

Participants will include Roger Svensson, researcher at the Institute for Business Research (IFN), Magnus Eriksson, researcher at the Institute for Innovation and Social Change at the University of Gothenburg, Vicky Long, researcher at the Innovation and Technology Institute (IMIT), Bengt Domeij, professor at the Department of Law at Uppsala University and Anna Ax, departmental secretary at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

Organizer: PRV and VINNOVA Breakfast sandwich will be served on arrival, please indicate any allergies.


** free of charge