Seminar on ownership diversification and new issuance models

SwedenBIO invites you to a "lunch & learn" together with Recall Capital. We highlight SwedenBIO's recommendation for the disclosure of information in shareholder dispersal, different forms of issues and their impact on both companies and their owners. We hope to give you some new insights and new ideas about your company's financial opportunities going forward. Lunch will be served after the seminar.

The capital market is facing major changes with new creative solutions to provide companies with access to capital. We understand that you have a good knowledge of the basic principles of both rights issues and private placements. But how familiar are you with the new emission models available? And what can shareholders expect from the board when choosing an issuance model?

SwedenBIO has issued a recommendation on the disclosure of life science specific information in the context of shareholder dispersal. It provides guidelines for information on the projects of development companies that should be included in the prospectus when raising public capital. What is the thinking behind this recommendation and how should it be applied?