SwedenBIO in Almedalen

We will be in Visby to participate in talks and panels.

Welcome to visit us in the SwedenBIO house during the Almedalen week. We are located at Visborgsgatan 5 in Visby during Monday to Wednesday, with our own and members’ activities in our cozy garden.

Almedalen week is packed with life science events organized by us and our member companies! We have put together the full list of our and our members’ upcoming events. Read the list here.

Today’s trial is tomorrow’s health

Sustainable care over generations is based on clinical developments today.

Seminar, Tuesday, July 5, at 10:00 am. 11-12, SwedenBIO house, Visborgsgatan 5, Visby.

Who will take responsibility for tomorrow’s patient and what can we learn from each other to provide the conditions for those who will test new treatments and develop healthcare to meet citizens’ healthcare needs.

This seminar focuses on how clinical trials create value for the individual, healthcare and society. What are the successful examples to learn from and what concrete actions can we take at regional and national level to facilitate the conduct of clinical trials and thus sustainable healthcare that can meet the needs of citizens over generations.

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Mikael Dahlqvist (S), Member of the Riksdag Committee on Social Affairs Lise-lott Eriksson, Chairman of the Swedish Blood Cancer Association Suzanne Håkansson, Senior Director Government Affairs, AstraZeneca Jessica Lundström, Market Access Director, Bristol Myers Squibb Karin Meyer, CEO CTR Marie Morell (M), Chairman of SKR’s Health Care Delegation, Regional Councillor Region Östergötland Camilla Waltersson Grönvall (M), Vice Chairman of the Riksdag Committee on Social Affairs
Mantas Okas, Physician, Capio Sankt Göran’s Hospital
Moderator and contact person: Frida Lawenius, SwedenBIO

Welcome to the garden mingle!

We invite you to an open house with cake, bubbles and hot food from the grill to celebrate SwedenBIO’s 20th anniversary.

Tuesday, July 5, at 18, SwedenBIO house, Visborgsgatan 5, Visby.

Welcome & introductory program.

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Jenni Nordborg (National Coordinator for Life Science, Government Offices of Sweden)
Janet Hoogstraate (CEO, Valneva Sweden)
Malin Parkler (CEO, Pfizer Sweden)