Swedish Proteomics Society symposium

Welcome to the 15th annual Swedish Proteomics Society (SPS) symposium and the annual meeting for the Swedish Mass spectrometry Society (SMSS)!

We are happy to welcome you to Gothenburg and the 1st joint SPS and SMSS symposium.
Here we will bring together students, world-leading scientists and experts with industrial partners to bridge the broad fields of biological mass spectrometry and proteomics. With the ambition to highlight cutting edge achievements in mass spectrometry-based biomarker discovery, the scientific presentations will cover areas from technology developments to clinical findings. Giving a light a touch of history, we will also walk down the memory line, 15 years with SPS.

Our two-day program will offer an attractive combination of keynote lectures and seminars mixed with networking opportunities within poster sessions, exhibitions and social events. Take also the opportunity to participate in our pre-meeting workshop with focus on database search.

We hope that YOU will join us in Gothenburg for what we believe will be very exciting and educational days!