The 3rd Annual Nordic Precision Medicine Forum

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Nordic Precision Medicine Forum

Expanding upon the agenda from previous years, in 2019 there will even greater opportunities for learning, sharing ideas and networking through our industry workshops, roundtables, networking breaks and plenary sessions. There will be a technology showcase, providing start-ups, university spin-outs, global leading tech providers and more to provide quick fire insights as to how new technologies will bring us closer to clinical implementation of precision medicine.

As the precision medicine movement takes a firmer grip, we will look at the latest data analysis technologies, how AI is transforming the way we think about therapies, the benefit of X-omics; how it is coming to the fore and becoming the norm for everyday methodology for researchers. We will uncover the issues surrounding regulation and what is being done to break down the barriers to nationwide adoption of a personalized approach to medicine. This plus much more promises to cement Nordic Precision Medicine Forum reputation as the original and leading forum for precision medicine in the region.

Nordic Precision Medicine Forum brings together those at the very forefront of precision medicine from biologists, physicians and technology developers to data scientists, patient groups, governments and more. Don’t miss out.

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