The future of health and social care – who does what for whom?

Today, many people are frustrated by the lack of progress in the development of the life sciences sector. While the actual change has rarely been as great in history.

Taking a look at the state of our health system with its 200-year-old roots, Hans Winberg looks ahead to what the transformation of the coming years might entail. And talks about how all of us working in the system need to understand and reinvent ourselves.

Hans Winberg is an organizational researcher and has worked on issues related to the organization, management and development of health care at local, regional and national levels. Internationally, he has worked for a long time with the Swecare Foundation, which promotes Swedish exports of knowledge, services and products in the healthcare sector. He is active in the Swedish public debate and promotes dialog between all the different competences and actors in health and social care.

After his postgraduate studies and licentiate degree at the Stockholm School of Economics, he led its further education in the field for more than ten years. This resulted in the creation of a cross-sectoral academic think tank for deeper dialog between practice and research – the Leading Health Care Foundation.