Trends in organic chemistry – How are drugs born?

Developing new medicines seems to be increasingly difficult. What are the reasons for this?

Access to safe and effective medicines affects the lives of millions of people. Science-based drug development has been around for over 100 years. While there have been many successes in the fairly linear journey, in recent decades linearity has been declining and it seems increasingly difficult to develop new medicines. What are the reasons for this? The answers to this question are many.

One of the aims of this conference is to allow a number of pharmaceutical researchers to present their projects and give their views. Several of the speakers have run projects that have resulted in commercial drugs, all of them have experience in conducting clinical trials. What they all have in common is that they have some academic connection and that they operate in smaller environments.

The symposium will end with a panel discussion led by a moderator and all participants will have the opportunity to discuss with the panel.

The presentations are held in English.

Fee for lunch and coffee: 100 SEK payable on site.