Webinar: Trademark holders – how to optimize your domain names?

Technology is developing faster and faster, the opportunities are increasing, but unfortunately the challenges are also increasing. With increasing digitalization, more and more of both business and marketing is moving online. With these developments, your domain names are becoming more and more important and of increasing value to your business.

Domain names should be seen as a digital extension of your brands. Therefore, it is appropriate that these two types of registrations are handled uniformly. All too often, we see domain names handled by the IT department and trademarks by the legal or marketing department. This can lead to inefficient management and increased costs, and in the worst case, inadequate protection of your important assets.

Therefore, Groth & Co and CSC invite you to a free webinar where you will get concrete tips and lessons on how to manage and optimize domain names and other digital assets, based on your brands.

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