What role does the NKS project play for future research breakthroughs and the development of Swedish life science?

Welcome to the seminar on 16 December! The New Karolinska Solna project results in Karolinska University Hospital getting completely new buildings in Solna. The newly built university hospital will be located in the middle of a unique life science cluster where innovation is flourishing. How important is the New Karolinska Solna project for future research breakthroughs and innovations? And for the development of Swedish life sciences? How can it contribute to faster diagnosis and treatment for future patients?

Agenda items and contributors:

Increased collaboration between academia, healthcare and industry. Peter Carpelan, Research Councilor, Stockholm County Council.

The vision for the county, research, education and life science throughout Stockholm County. Jan Andersson, Director of Research and Innovation, Stockholm County Council.

Theimportance of New Karolinska Solna in a vibrant life science cluster. Ylva Williams, CEO, Stockholm Science City and Paul Beatus, CEO, H2 Health Hub.

The future of research at New Karolinska Solna. Jan-Inge Henter, R&D Director, Karolinska University Hospital and Maria Eriksdotter, Professor, Head of Department, Member of the R&D Committee, Karolinska Institutet.

Research collaboration that takes advanced healthcare into the future. Anna Wedell, Professor of Medical Genetics, Karolinska Institutet.

Let’s create the future of healthcare, research and education. Melvin Samsom, Hospital Director, Karolinska University Hospital; Karin Dahlman-Wright, Acting President, Karolinska Institutet.