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Talking 2021 with the Vaccine Factory

With an increase of 40 new members in 2020, SwedenBIO will have both an increased weight in speaking for the industry but also as a platform for your members to network with each other. What does one of our newest members, Vaccinfabriken, see as opportunities in 2021 and what are their expectations of membership? We ask CEO Jens Bäck.

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What is the future of dual listings in the US? When is the right time? These are the questions Adam Kostyal sets out to answer in the latest episode of Brännpunkt Life Science.

Brännpunkt Life Science is an interview series in collaboration with DNB Sweden that focuses the magnifying glass on the intersection of innovation, capital and health. In the first part, we meet Adam Kostyal, Head of European Listings at Nasdaq, who looks at the stock market year for the sector, talks about the impact of the pandemic and shares his predictions for the future.

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Member’s interview: Swedish virus fighters are ready!

Research on viruses has lagged behind, but Sweden has several promising projects. The first results will be available within a week. - Scientists have long warned of a new major epidemic or pandemic but have not known when and what kind of virus it would be. So you could say it was expected," says Nina Lindblom, PhD in pharmacology and one of three employees of the member company Curovir.

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