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Marketplaces and analysts unite behind industry standard

Sweden is unique in the world in the importance of the stock exchange as a source of funding for life science companies. The number of IPOs in this area is in line with the rest of Europe as a whole. SwedenBIO wants to secure a long-term supply of venture capital by promoting high-quality information in connection with the distribution of ownership. Together with the marketplaces Nasdaq and Spotlight, SwedenBIO sets an industry standard for how this should be done.

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Strong link forming between life science hot spots of California and Sweden

In a recent mapping of the Swedish and Californian life science sectors, several common areas of strengths were identified, notably immuno-oncology, rare diseases/orphan drugs and cell and gene therapy. This has spurred a new link forming between these life science hot spots to secure that opportunities for innovative and brilliant minds to join forces in tackling health challenges are not lost.

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