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Government support measures hamper the life science industry

Support packages for different sectors that have been hit hard by the effects of the coronavirus crisis are multiplying. So far, the government's actions are failing the life sciences industry, the very industry that we are relying on to solve both this and future urgent health challenges. The life science industry does not need loans, it needs equity.

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Promoting investment more effectively

A strong national investment promotion is extremely central to the life science industry in Sweden. The reason is simple - this is an industry whose continued growth depends on international capital, international expertise, international research collaborations and, not least, the ability to meet a global market.

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Hearing for extended R&D tax credit – one of SwedenBIO’s key issues

Finally, an extended R&D deduction, an issue that SwedenBIO and many other friends of promoting the conditions for companies that conduct research in Sweden have been pushing for a long time. This is important for our international attractiveness, not only for talented researchers from all over the world, but also to ensure that we generally come out on top when head offices are considering where to locate their research.

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Contribution to the government on strengthening international attractiveness and brightness

At the end of November, SwedenBIO and Lotta Ljungqvist, President & CEO GE Nordic, were given the responsibility to jointly gather and lead a working group on strengthening Sweden's international attractiveness and brightness as a life science nation. It is currently being delivered to the government, via the Life Science Office and the three State Secretaries of the Ministries of Education, Enterprise and Social Affairs.

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