Last episode of the Idea to Patient Podcast!

In the sixth and final episode "Success factors and challenges along the trial path", Frida Lawenius, Vice President of SwedenBIO and Karin Meyer, CEO of CTR, are back in the podcast studio. They are visited by Jenni Nordborg, National Life Science Coordinator.

The episode provides flashbacks, a summary of the podcast series and tips for the listener. We also discuss why investors should listen to the podcast, the importance of the strategic plan and how we secure competence around the translational phase, but also the upcoming inquiry on clinical trials.

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Season 2 of the SwedenBIO studio, the Idea to Patient podcast, is recorded in collaboration with the CTR group and invites guests from the pharmaceutical industry to discuss the early stages of drug development – how to take your product from the idea stage all the way to clinical trials.