Mårten Winge new board member in SwedenBIO

During SwedenBIO's annual meeting on May 10, Mårten Winge was elected to the board and Johan Kördel to the nomination committee.

Mårten Winge, chief operating officer at Strike Pharma has been elected as a board member of SwedenBIO during the annual meeting held on May 10 at Färgfabriken. Mårten replaces Lars Bäckman from Biotage. The rest of the board, chaired by Lotta Ljungqvist, was re-elected for a new term.

In addition to the change in the board, Johan Kördel from Sound Bioventures was elected to replace Hans Andreasson in the nomination committee. A presentation of the SwedenBIO Board and Nomination Committee is available here.

SwedenBIO Board of Directors
Lotta Ljungqvist, 4L Bioconsulting
Kerstin Falck, Pfizer
Niels Abel Bonde, NovoNordisk Sweden
Sana Alajmovic, Sigrid Therapeutics
Torkel Gren, Recipharm
Carl Kilander, HealthCap
Anders Persson, AstraZeneca
Mårten Winge, Strike Pharma

Nomination Committee
Eugen Steiner, HealthCap
Lars Adlersson, AdlerssonHeath
Johan Kördel, Sound Bioventures
Lars Gatenbeck, Life Medical Sweden

Unchanged membership fees and indexation

To ensure that the Association’s resources are not eroded by inflation, the AGM approved an indexation of the service fee for 2024 for all three categories of members using the Consumer Price Index (CPI 1980) as of September for inflation.

Read the 2022 annual report

In the annual report, we provide information on how we worked during the previous year to meet our objectives. We talk about how we have worked to help our members strengthen their business networks, how we have disseminated facts and knowledge, and how we have worked to give the industry a strong voice.

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