Membership application

SwedenBIO welcomes all companies active in the Swedish life science sector to apply for membership. Membership will be determined by the Director General of SwedenBIO in accordance with the SwedenBIO Statutes.

Fee structure 2023

The membership of the SwedenBIO association is 300 SEK per year (not subject to VAT). There is also a service fee (subject to VAT) which varies according to the category of membership. Membership and service fees are decided by the General Assembly.

We have the following three categories of members:

Life science companies

Companies with operations in Sweden that conduct research and development, manufacturing, sales or offer services in the life science field. You work in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices or as a CRO/CMO etc. The service fee for life science companies is calculated per full-time employee per year and the cost is SEK 1 625 per employee. The minimum amount is SEK 8 125 and the maximum is SEK 162 500.

Service companies

The company or individual has customers in the life science industry but is not itself part of the life science industry. You work in law, intellectual property, public relations, media, technology, etc. The service fee for service companies is 35 500 SEK, regardless of size.

Organization of cooperation

Organization that works to support the life science industry. For example, you are a bio/business organization, association or similar. The service fee for partner organizations is SEK 8,125 per year.

Want to know more before applying for membership?

Contact Frida Eriksson at or 0703 40 98 59.

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