Nasdaq welcomes SwedenBIO’s initiative for a new industry standard on information disclosure

In a new initiative - in collaboration with Nasdaq - SwedenBIO has developed a policy for what information life science companies in the development phase should provide so that investors can make relevant assessments.

– We want to ensure long-term access to risk capital for life science companies. It is therefore important to provide high quality and relevant information,” says Jonas Ekstrand, CEO of SwedenBIO.

And the initiative is welcomed by Nasdaq, where life sciences and biotech are large and important sectors.

– It is extremely valuable for investors to have transparent, clear and relevant information on which to base their decisions,” said Adam Kostyál, Head of European Listings at Nasdaq. I am convinced that both the industry as a whole and individual companies will benefit from a good and consistent disclosure standard.

The new policy includes recommendations on what information companies can and should provide to help investors make accurate assessments – including on expected long-term value growth.

– We simply want to create a new industry standard that acts as a kind of ‘consumer protection’ for the investor,” explains Jonas Ekstrand. If you want to take e.g. A pharmaceutical project from idea to patient to market must be done right from the start – from research and clinical development to financing and fundraising.

Nasdaq has participated in the work on the new policy based on the conviction that SwedenBIO’s recommendations can eventually contribute to further strengthening the capital market for life science companies in the development phase.

– We want to set a standard that helps companies find the right minimum level of information they provide about their projects when seeking new capital,” says Jonas Ekstrand, CEO of SwedenBIO. More rigorous disclosure provides investors with relevant and detailed information which should help them to make informed investment decisions.

The recommendations are in addition to the information that companies are required to provide in accordance with the applicable prospectus rules and the requirements of the relevant marketplace.

For more information:

Jonas Ekstrand, CEO SwedenBIO – 070-302 08 96

Adam Kostyál, Nasdaq – 073-449 71 45

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