New action plan from SwedenBIO, LIF and Swedish Medtech

The three industry organizations LIF, Swedish Medtech and SwedenBIO today present a joint action plan for life science. It is now four years since the organizations presented their joint priority issues. Some progress has been made but much remains to be done.

The action plan highlights three key areas that need to be strengthened to enable businesses to operate and develop in Sweden. It is about:

  • research and development
  • introduction of innovative treatment methods; and
  • that Sweden is chosen as the first choice for investments and establishments

Under these headings are 19 proposed actions.

A clear focus on life sciences requires commitment from several quarters. In 2015, the government appointed a life science coordinator who has worked to highlight several important areas. In February, the government also appointed a life science office that will produce an agenda and strategy during the year. However, it is only when decisions and initiatives are turned into action that real results can be seen.

The newly established life science office at the Ministry of Economic Affairs is a step towards a coordinated effort, but authorities, university management, county councils, municipalities and companies must also see their part in the plan, participate and implement the changes required to maintain and develop a vibrant business community.

The measures are developed by the three industry organizations LIF, Swedish Medtech and SwedenBIO. Together we represent the entire Swedish life science sector from the smallest entrepreneurs to the large global companies in biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceuticals.

The action plan can be downloaded and read here: Action plan for Life Science 2018 – for a more competitive Sweden

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