New Chair of the Working Group on Process Development and Manufacturing

Torkel Gren is active at Recipharm as Senior Sales Director and from April he is chairman of SwedenBIO's working group for process development and manufacturing. The group also includes representatives from AstraZeneca, APL, BiQ Pharma, CobraBio, GE Healthcare, SP, Pfizer and Valneva.

Nomination of Torkel Gren, Senior Sales Director, Recipharm, to chair the Process Development and Manufacturing Working Group:

Torkel Gren has a solid and relevant background in life sciences. After graduating as a pharmacist in 1988, Torkel started an industrial career at ACO/KABI/Pharmacia & Upjohn while doing his PhD in pharmaceutical science in Uppsala. He has since held several leading roles in the industry and masters a large part of the process from drug discovery to development, patents, business development, sales and marketing. Process development is a specialty and Torkel has experience as a QP. He is a member with great personal commitment in SwedenBIO’s Working Group for Process Development and Manufacturing. Today, Torkel Gren works at Recipharm as Senior Sales Director. With the overall and specialized competence as well as the personal commitment Torkel possesses and the network he has, Torkel is the right person to lead SwedenBIO’s working group for process development and manufacturing.

About the SwedenBIO process development and manufacturing working group

SwedenBIO has six working groups. They drive opinion, produce knowledge bases and act as reference groups on various issues. The working group works to strengthen competence in product development and manufacturing and to make Sweden an attractive country for manufacturing companies.

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