New course for small companies developing medicines

SwedenBIO, in collaboration with the Swedish Society of Pharmacy's subsidiary Läkemedelsakademin, has developed a course in drug development, from idea to product. The course is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in the life sciences.

The aim of the course is to increase the knowledge of these companies in order to be both a well-informed specifier and able to take a product from idea to market.

– Recently, we have noticed a high demand for a new form of training that is adapted to the conditions of smaller life science companies today and in the future. We see this education as an important part of our work to promote a long-term strong and competitive life science industry in Sweden, says Karin Meyer CEO Apotekarsocieteten.

As the life science sector is undergoing a structural change and looks very different from what it did 10 years ago, it needs to adapt to new ways of working. Knowledge acquisition must be done in a very different way than when big pharma remained a nursery. Being involved in creating this course is fully in line with our goals to make it easier for life science entrepreneurs to acquire knowledge, says Jonas Ekstrand CEO SwedenBio.

The course is developed in collaboration between the Swedish Society of Pharmacy’s subsidiary Läkemedelsakademin and SwedenBIO, and is implemented with support from Vinnova.

For employees in SwedenBIO’s member companies, the course costs 4000 SEK excluding VAT (regular price 5000 SEK excluding VAT). The discount code is SwedenBIO, membership is checked when invoicing the course.

Read more and register here.

Download the invitation to the course here.