New report maps the Swedish industrial landscape in precision medicine.

Thanks to ever-increasing knowledge of biological processes and new technological breakthroughs, precision medicine is a fast-growing field. SwedenBIO has now launched a comprehensive report mapping the Swedish industrial landscape in precision medicine.

– Our ambition with the report is to create an overview of this exciting life science segment, and to expose Swedish companies in the field to global players. We want to stimulate more collaborations and investments in Sweden,” says Sara Gunnerås, Editor and Head of Analysis, SwedenBIO.

With a long tradition in protein science and advanced imaging technology matched by a strong spirit of innovation, Sweden is at the forefront of developing new methods in diagnostics, prevention and monitoring.

– A particularly interesting finding is that the link to the country’s universities is very strong,” says Sara Gunnerås. The figures show that more than 2/3 of the 76 companies identified are spin-offs from academia and half of the companies are linked to incubators and science parks.

For example, companies are developing advanced diagnostics, new sequencing methods, omics analysis, biomarkers, image analysis and decision support systems.

– Their products and services have the potential to make a direct difference to patients and healthcare by contributing to more personalized treatment decisions. They are also important tools for researching new effective treatments,” says Sara Gunnerås.

One third of the enterprises were founded in the last four years and the majority are so-called micro enterprises with 10 or fewer employees. This shows that precision medicine is a developing field. Together, the companies have more than 200 development projects and launched products.

Mikael Damberg, Sweden’s Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, commented:

– The Swedish government is deeply committed to supporting continued rapid development in the life science sector, which is highlighted by the establishment of an office for life science within the Government Offices in February 2018. In Sweden, precision medicine is an area of clear growth, home to many start-ups, and data and technology driven. For these reasons, infrastructure and enabling technologies are national priorities in terms of resource allocation.

Others in the report

  • A comprehensive list of 76 Swedish companies active in precision medicine and their 200 projects and products, including development phase and partnership status.
  • Disease and technology areas particularly highlighted include oncology, infectious diseases, imaging and liquid biopsies.
  • The report also describes national resources and platforms: Science for Life Laboratory, Human Protein Atlas, national biobanks and quality registers.

Developments are taking place across the country

The companies are located in five major regions. Stockholm-Uppsala is home to almost 50% of the companies. More than a quarter of the companies are located in the Malmö-Lund region, followed by 14% in the Gothenburg region and 7% in Umeå. Linköping has 5% of the companies, mainly in the field of image technology.

The report: Precision Medicine – the Swedish Industry Guide 2018

  • Can be read here.
  • Presented on March 14 at the Health Care Research Day.
  • Developed with financial support from Business Sweden and Vinnova, and in collaboration with the consulting firm Arthur D. Little.

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Sara Gunnerås, Head of Analysis and Editor, SwedenBIO or 0730 40 87 00

About Precision medicine

Precision medicine usually refers to the stratification of patients into groups based on the increasing amount of biological information and molecular biomarkers that are becoming available as a result of our increased understanding of disease pathways through advances in the fields of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, epigenomics and pharmacogenomics. This allows doctors to match a patient to the most appropriate drug with improved precision, thereby achieving a better treatment outcome.

About SwedenBIO

SwedenBIO is the Swedish trade organization for the life science industry. The organization’s nearly 250 members work in all sub-sectors from pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology to diagnostics. SwedenBIO supports its members by creating conditions for the positive development and growth of the industry. Sweden’s life science industry accounts for a significant share of Sweden’s net exports.