New search tool for Swedish companies

Swelife is now launching the first web-based database to help all of Sweden's life science developers find the right partner - from entrepreneur to leading industry. The search tool's matchmaking function will help accelerate the pace of Swedish life science.

The newly launched will serve companies, entrepreneurs and researchers who need to complement the development of a new product or service for healthcare with the right expertise. Another target group is investors and industry looking for interesting partners.

National expertise

– Many early stage companies and entrepreneurs have high academic skills in their field but have gaps in other areas needed to develop a successful company. It can be anything from technical issues in medical development to patent issues or market analysis,” says Swelife’s Örjan Norberg, who got the idea during his previous job as head of the life science incubators in Lund and Umeå.

– The tool offers a national network of expertise, so companies are not limited to using their own, often local, network. This difference can hopefully increase both the quality and the pace of their development, which in the long run benefits the entire Swedish life science industry, Örjan Norberg believes.

Flexible searching provides accurate targeting

More than 2,000 Swedish companies are already searchable in the tool, open and free for everyone to search and register. Each search can be tailored by combining and filtering very specific needs, as well as searching by free text.

– For example, you can choose to search for expertise in specific parts of the value chain when developing a medicine or technology, such as different stages of the clinical trial or in design validation, but you can also search using free text. It is also possible to make geographical delimitations in a map tool, as well as to produce more general statistics about a part of the industry,” says Thomas Gunnarsson of the Swelife innovation program, which finances the tool.

Cooperation with industry stakeholders

Swelife has developed the tool in collaboration with the industry organizations Sweden BIO and Swedish Medtech. The formal launch of the database will take place on September 14-15 at the Nordic Life Science Days industry meeting in Stockholm.

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