New working group on HR and skills

Just before Christmas, SwedenBIO started a new working group on HR and competence issues.

– “I think this working group is very timely,” says Frida Lawenius, who leads the group from the SwedenBIO secretariat. There was a lot of energy in the digital meeting room during the start-up meeting and there are a host of challenges to tackle, from international recruitment to creating a sense of belonging for new employees when everyone is spread out.

The group will focus on issues related to skills supply and new ways of working, but also on leadership challenges. A major issue is, for example, the global movement of skills, where there is a need to identify fast-tracks for international recruitment, but also to deal with administrative problems for employees based in other countries and challenges in organizing remote work.

The working group will drill into different issues and take help from other members of the task forces, and then share within SwedenBIO.

The group consists of Ann Fredriksson, Director Human Resources, Vironova, Petra Duprez, Chief HR & Sustainability Officer, Biotage, Hanna Sandvall, Director Randstad Life Sciences and Mikael Forss, Acting CFO, Akademiska sjukhuset/ Senior Advisor, Nordic Interim. Finance Director, Uppsala University Hospital/ Senior Advisor, Nordic Interim.