SwedenBIO working groups and task forces - from words to action

SwedenBIO has five working groups and five task forces. These constitute the engine of SwedenBIO's special way of working - to identify, analyze and solve the challenges facing the industry with the help of the members. What we push for decision makers to change, we also have our own efforts in. When political processes take time, we are the blowtorch that makes things happen.

Our working groups and task forces are represented by the entire membership, from small to large companies and by both CEOs and senior staff in business development, research, production and policy/communication.

Research and Development Working Group

Works to strengthen Sweden as a research nation and to promote greater collaboration between industry, academia and healthcare.

Anna Sandström

Chair: Anna Sandström, Head of Science Policy and Relations Europe, AstraZeneca
Contact: Anna.Sandstrom(a)astrazeneca.com

Office manager: Maja Neiman (SwedenBIO)


  • Anna Sandström (AstraZeneca)
  • Daniel Martinez Molina (Pelago Bioscience)
  • Jon Tsai (Sanofi)
  • Karin von Wachenfeldt (Truly Translational)
  • Sara Gunnerås (Karolinska Institutet Science Park)
  • Stefan Nilsson (Lipigon Pharmaceuticals)

Business Development and Finance Working Group

Works to increase business development skills among member companies and improve the business climate and economic conditions for the life science industry in Sweden.

"In 2021, we developed a business development course specifically tailored for CEOs of smaller companies. We also updated SwedenBIO's guidelines for communication when listing a company."
Christina Herder

Chairman: Christina Herder, Acting CEO Idogen AB. Contact: Christina.herder(a)idogen.com

Secretary: Frida Eriksson (SwedenBIO)


  • Anders Eriksson (Spotlight Stock Market)
  • Björn Fahlen (Redeye)
  • Göran Conradsson (Bulb Intelligence)
  • Ingrid Heath (Adlersson Heath)
  • Ingrid Teigland Akay (Hadean Ventures)
  • Iris Öhrn (Business Region Göteborg)
  • Jonas Brambeck (Industrifonden)
  • Ola Lidström (Bird & Bird)
  • Viktor Drvota (Karolinska Development)
  • Benjamin Nordin (ABG Sundal Collier)

Working group on process development and production

Works to strengthen expertise in process development and production and works to make Sweden an attractive country for manufacturing companies. In 2022, works with, among other things, production conditions for vaccines, ATMP and competence supply.

"I see it as my task to highlight production in the life sciences. Manufacturing is a direct continuation of research and development and therefore a natural part of the whole chain."
Janet Hoogstrate

Ordförande: Janet Hoogstraate, CEO, NorthX Biologics
Kontakt: Janet.HOOGSTRAATE(a)nxbio.com
Kansliansvarig: Alexandra Hoegberg (SwedenBIO)


  • Anders Wikström (Biotage)
  • Lena Romander (Pfizer)
  • Andreas Gretander (Phase2Phase)
  • Helene Fehrm (APL)
  • Gunnar Hörnsten (Ceffort ControlSep)
  • Maria Lundin Johnson (Recipharm)
  • Åsa Manelius (AstraZeneca)
  • Nicolaas Schipper (RISE)
  • Ola Tuvesson (NorthX Biologics)
  • Peter Hagwall (Cytiva)
  • Sandra Sveder (Mpya Sci & Tech)
  • Jenny Reimer (Novavax)
    Inger Grunden (Valneva)

Public Affairs and Communication Working Group

Works to increase knowledge in society about the life science industry and its conditions in Sweden and monitors the policy decisions that affect the sector.

"Life science is Sweden's most important resource that we must manage well and with a long-term perspective. That is why we in the working group for public affairs and communication strive to work with system transformation that provides sustainable development - together with other relevant actors and decision-makers. What is good for life science is good for Sweden."
Björn Arvidsson

Chairman: Björn Arvidsson, Head of Operations, STUNS Life Science
Contact: bjorn.arvidsson(a)stuns.se

Secretary: Alexandra Hoegberg (SwedenBIO)


  • Malin Appelgren (Paues Åberg Communications)
  • Charlotte Edenius (Gesynta Pharma)
  • Emma Hallenberg (Sahlgrenska Science Park)
  • Kristine Koppelhus (BioGaia)
  • Marie Gårdmark (Regsmart Life Science)
  • Harald Borgeke (BioArctic)
  • Joachim Alexandersson (Merck Group)

Arbetsgruppen för kliniska prövningar

Kliniska prövningar-gruppens uppdrag är att bevaka och påverka gränsytan mellan life science-industrin och hälso- och sjukvården. Kliniska prövningar är ett centralt tema, men gruppen hanterar även frågor om biobanker, kvalitetsregister och hälsodata.

Adam Szulkin

Ordförande: Adam Szulkin, Scientific Ecosystem Partner, Roche
Kontakt: adam.szulkin(a)roche.com

Kansliansvarig: Maja Neiman, SwedenBIO


  • Thomas Olin (Vice Ordf) (Kancera)
  • Andreas Fasth (Ilya Pharma)
  • Anna Fahlgren (East Sweden Medtech)
  • Shadi Abbas (Sirona Group)
  • Sandra Gunnarsson (CTC AB)

Task forces

AMR - reports to R&D

  • Helén Fält (QureTech Bio)
  • Kristine Koppelhus (BioGaia)
  • Jonas Fuks (Pfizer)
  • Marjo Puumalainen (SwedenBIO)
  • Lisa Sandberg (Scandinavian Biopharma)
  • Jan Holmbäck (Lipidor)

Sustainability - reports to the PA

  • Alexandra Hoegberg (SwedenBIO)
  • Charlotte af Klercker (Business Sweden)
  • Cecilia Nord (Sobi)
  • Oskar Bosson (BioArctic)
  • Mattias Lindberg (Bird & Bird)
  • Emilia Hertzberg (Sahlgrenska Science Park)
  • Jonathan Gromark (BioGaia)
  • Lina Olsen Boreson (SmiLe Incubator)
  • Petra Duprez (Biotage)
  • Maria Ericson (Baxter International)
  • Anna Lundquist (Xbrane)
  • Frida Eriksson (SwedenBIO)

ATMP - reports to PUT

  • Johan Hyllner (AstraZeneca)
  • Kerstin Falck (Pfizer)
  • Jan Nilsson (CombiGene)
  • Catarina Flyborg (Cytiva)
  • Petter Björquist (VERIGRAFT)
  • Eva-Karin Gidlund (NorthX Biologics)
  • Ted Fjällman (Flerie Invest)

Intellectual property (IP) - reporting to R&D

  • Johanna Bergh (AWA)
  • Jörgen Linde (Zacco)
  • Ylva Skoglösa (Aera)
  • Einar Pontén (Lipum)
  • Susanna Myhre (AstraZeneca)
  • Annika Unge (Bergenstråhle)
  • Emily Chamberlain (AWA)
  • Per Hedman (Cirio)
  • Peter Åsberg (Disruptive Pharma)
  • Jessica Martinsson (SwedenBIO)

Medicines Agency Dialogue Forum

  • Anna Fahlgren (East Sweden Medtech)
  • Andreas Fasth (ILYA Pharma)
  • Jennie Ekbeck (Umeå Biotech Incubator)
  • Karin Gedda (Isofol)
  • Maja Neiman (SwedenBIO)

SwedenBIO courses

Strategy and business development for life science leaders:

  • Course leader Ingrid Heath (AdlerssonHeath)

Drug Development ATMP:

  • Program Committee: Eva-Karin Gidlund (NorthX Biologics)

Validation competence network:

  • Sandra Sveder (MPya Sci&Tech)

CMC competence network:

  • Emelie Gralberg (MPya Sci&Tech)

Get involved in our working groups and task forces!

Participating in one of SwedenBIO's working groups or task forces means that you actively contribute to strengthening the life science sector in Sweden and you have the opportunity to influence the issues that the organization will pursue. You also get access to an invaluable network with other committed people from all parts of the life science sector. The working groups meet about four times a year.

Would you like to join a working group or task force?

Contact info@swedenbio.se and tell us briefly about yourself and which working group or task force you want to get involved in, and your request will be forwarded to the right person at the secretariat. Your company must be a member of SwedenBIO.