Premiere of SwedenBIO’s education in Strategy and Business Development.

Last week, the first stage of SwedenBIO and the Swedish Academy of Medicine's entirely newly developed training in strategy and business development for life science leaders.

Karoline Akerjordet, Johan Ungerstedt and Christina Östberg Lloyd were some of the participants in the course, here with course leader Ingrid Heath.

The course brought together 19 life science leaders, along with prominent life science representatives from near and far, to lecture and guide their own strategic development plan. The course was facilitated by Ingrid Heath, partner and senior advisor at Adlersson Heath.

– “Business development in life sciences is infinitely complex,” says Ingrid. Cutting-edge research must be combined with extensive regulatory processes, long lead times and high capital requirements. Our speakers have shown that it is possible to systematize all this so that everything can be handled in parallel and the value of the companies can increase gradually. Thanks to the generous sharing of experiences by the 19 participants, we have hopefully been able to lift both our leaders and companies during these days.

Christina Östberg Lloyd and Karoline Akerjordet from Pharmiva are two of the course participants.

– I’ve had a real change of heart,” says Christina. The opportunity to interact with course participants, lecturers and course management has been extremely valuable and the level of engagement has been unusually high. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many contacts and perspectives in such a short time, and it triggers a lot of thoughts.

– I have experience in healthcare, Big Pharma and now as CEO of a small listed company and the content has been relevant to all parts of that journey. There is a high bounce factor,” she continues.

– I can only agree,” says Karoline. The best ones have been the lecturers who offered themselves and took on the dialog. It is important to learn to think outside the box, but also to connect the parts across borders.The course has been developed by SwedenBIO together with Läkemedelsakademin to meet the need for customized business training.

– It has been great fun with a full house in the course room and a high and very generous atmosphere, where course participants and participants have shared with each other unpretentiously, says Frida Lawenius who was responsible for the development of the course from SwedenBIO. We are planning to run the course again next year and we have already received expressions of interest. But first we will complete this course, evaluate and develop the course with the experience we now have.