Promoting investment more effectively

A strong national investment promotion is extremely central to the life science industry in Sweden. The reason is simple - this is an industry whose continued growth depends on international capital, international expertise, international research collaborations and, not least, the ability to meet a global market.

Recently, the consultation period expired for the government inquiry for a more effective investment promotion, where SwedenBIO contributed through interviews during the work. In our consultation response, we urge the government to resource this policy area, which has been severely neglected for many years, affecting our international visibility as a life science nation. We tell you what initiatives have been taken by actors such as SwedenBIO to not only keep going but to increase longevity, and we address why an export strategy where investment promotion is poorly handled is not enough. After all, with increased government prioritization, the starting point is good. Many enthusiasts have mobilized and coordinated themselves to promote Sweden and the entire Nordic region for investments in research and production. We come together in the Nordic Life Science Consortium.

Read the submission here: SwedenBIO’s consultation response More effective investment promotion