Reach out across Europe with EURES!

From SwedenBIO's member companies, difficulties with the supply of skills are often highlighted as one of the biggest obstacles to growth today. A relatively unknown possibility to remedy the problem is to turn to EURES - The European Employment Services.

Through this network of employment services, employers can reach out across the EU with specifications for a skills profile. You can get help with advertising, applying for financial support for relocation and introducing new employees. Another possibility is to participate with EURES in fairs around Europe.

– Companies are welcome to participate in fairs, both tailor-made and general, on site abroad or online, and it is also possible to send requirement profiles with us,” says Eva Chamoun, Adviser at the EURES service of the Employment Service. Right now, we have a particular focus on the life science industry as there is a surplus of people with life science and other qualifications in some parts of Europe.

SwedenBIO and EURES are taking a closer look at what a collaboration could look like and are inviting member companies to send specifications of the type of skills

– The more specific you as an employer can be, the greater the chance that we can match you with the right profile, but we can also take a general description with us, explains Eva.

Including a company description and salary range usually makes it easier to advertise in other countries and attract candidates’ interest.

More information on EURES can be found here.