Reduced membership fees for start-ups linked to incubators

SwedenBIO's Annual General Meeting has decided that start-up companies in life science with up to four employees can be members of SwedenBIO for an annual fee of SEK 1000, provided that they are linked to an incubator that is a permanent member of SwedenBIO. In return, the incubator will pay a higher fee than today.

For companies that qualify for this option, membership is valid for two years. With this greatly reduced fee, we want to help startups to benefit from the strength that comes from being part of a community with exchanges of experience between companies and our full range of member benefits. By accessing our networking platforms, courses and other interventions, start-ups can engage in knowledge transfer from a large pool of mature companies early in their development. Life for startups was not without challenges before the effects of the coronavirus crisis hit and the situation is now tough for many smaller companies. Now we want to help build Sweden’s next generation of life science companies strong, for future export revenues and innovation power.

Here you will find SwedenBIO’s information page related to Covid-19: