Reply in Aftonbladet to a Nordic ministerial dialogue on vaccine production capacity.

On Tuesday, the Minister for Economic Affairs and the Minister for Foreign Trade announced an invitation to a Nordic ministerial dialogue to make use of Nordic production capacity for vaccines and for future pandemics and crises. Swedenbio shares the conclusion that the Nordic region is the obvious arena for meeting the needs, but also that the strategy needs to build on and further develop the capacity and activities that already exist. It is cooperation with this vibrant and innovative industry that a supply strategy should be based on.

Swedenbio has long highlighted the importance of the Nordic region as an arena in life science, as host of the Nordic Life Science Days, but also by gathering for joint positioning in international contexts under the collective name “the Nordics”.

The Nordic countries have life science in common, but with different strengths that together can make the Nordic region one of the leading life science nodes in the world. But the prerequisite is that we work together.

Cooperation not only creates the conditions for security of supply, but also attracts investment, establishment and clinical trials, with new innovative treatments for the benefit of citizens.

Bringing the discussion to the highest political level sends a strong signal, but the dialogue must be accompanied by action at several levels.

Under the Nordic Council of Ministers, there are actors such as Nordic Innovation that can be given clear tasks in the development of the pan-Nordic arena. Other tools are the innovation support initiatives underway, such as in precision health. The development also needs to be done in close dialog with the existing life science industry.

The Nordic Region could already be a world-leading life science region today if we had made better use of our unique complementarity, where each of the countries excels. As an industry organization for life science, we will take the dialogue on how we can use our strengths in the Nordic region to the next level.

Lotta Ljungqvist, Chair, Swedenbio
Frida Lawenius, Vice President, Swedenbio

Link to the line in Aftonbladet.