Report from the Swedish delegation in San Francisco

This year's JP Morgan changed to a digital meeting at the last moment, but many actors who had planned to participate physically were still there, including a small delegation consisting of Business Sweden, Business Region Göteborg and SwedenBIO. San Francisco with Palo Alto/Silicon Valley around the corner is a dynamic life science hot spot all year round and the meetings we had generated collaborations for the benefit of Swedish life science.

Helena Strigård, Frida Eriksson, Inger Gustafsson, Viveka Rydell Andersson, Jonas Ekstrand, Charlotte af Klercker and Iris Öhrn at a visit to Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto.

SwedenBIO met with our sister organization Biocom, investors and family offices with a focus on introducing them to Swedish life science. As a member of SwedenBIO, it is already possible to use meeting rooms in San Diego through the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, and now it has been expanded to San Francisco and Palo Alto through various collaborations that have been established. Through the Nordic Innovation House, SwedenBIO companies will be able to be hosted by a local community and easily establish a network of contacts on site. Nordic Innovation House also acts as an on-site incubator and can help companies get started quickly.

For those companies that want to establish themselves and need a more long-term solution, Business Sweden is present in San Francisco and Palo Alto and can offer services that simplify company formation with both practical and formal establishment issues such as company registration, premises and personnel.

For the long-term work of strengthening Swedish companies, we are pleased that the focus of Business Sweden’s investment promotion in the US will now be particularly on life sciences in the coming years. Hopefully this will have a ripple effect and be clearly visible at next year’s JP Morgan during both formal and informal meetings.

In the same way that the so-called SwedenBIO house in Almedalen serves as a base camp for both the secretariat and members on site, our house at 255 Sanchez Street served as an excellent meeting place and also accommodation this time and the house is secured for next year!