Rotation of chairs in SwedenBIO working groups

SwedenBIO's four working groups are central bodies to ensure anchoring, relevance and tangible support in the activities that we as a member organization prioritize to work with. In the working groups for Public affairs and Process development and production, the chairmanship is now rotated to Björn Arvidsson, Head of public affairs at Roche, and to Janet Hoogstraate, Chair Management Board at Valneva Sweden. Both are already active members of the working groups.

According to Janet, the production group is an important meeting point for manufacturing companies and a forum to address challenges for the industry. This involves, for example, reaching out to young people with what jobs in modern, advanced life science production actually entail and drawing attention to the fact that Sweden is in the front line as a production country.

– Several companies are currently choosing to invest in their manufacturing sites in Sweden and we are keen to maintain a good supply of skills. These are issues we have already done a lot of work on, including the development of a vocational training program for pharmaceutical technicians, to which several production companies contribute, and we will continue to work for education and training in pharmaceutical production in the group.

The Public Affairs Group discusses policy issues both broadly and in depth. The group also helps to highlight good examples of successful companies. Björn Arvidsson believes that co-creation is key to the development of Swedish life science.

– Together with other industry associations, we are driving key actions in line with the action plan developed to support this. The Public Affairs Working Group is fully focused on the transfer of knowledge from its members to relevant decision-makers and stakeholders.

We thank outgoing Torkel Gren, Recipharm and Kerstin Falck, Pfizer for their commitment!

SwedenBIO’s other two working groups, within Business Development and Financing and Research and Development, continue to be led by Christina Herder, Executive Vice President, Strategic Business Development at Medivir and Anna Sandström, Head of Science Policy and Relations Europe at AstraZeneca. Read more about the working groups here.