SwedenBIO comments on report on life science in Sweden

Government coordinator Susanne Ås Sivborg has presented her report on the future of life sciences in Sweden. The report clearly shows that it is time for a government to take action.

In the report “A competitive ecosystem for life science“, the government coordinator reviews the results of meetings with 80 organizations and companies in the life science sector in Sweden. The report describes well the challenges of the sector and presents several proposals for action.

– It is good that Susanne Ås Sivborg has included all important elements in her report. If Sweden is to strengthen its competitiveness in life science, we must be strong in academia, have good growth conditions for companies, have effective authorities and organize our health care so that it becomes an engine in the innovation chain, says Ingrid Heath, Vice President and Head of Policy, SwedenBIO.

In October, SwedenBIO together with the two other industry organizations LIF and Swedish Medtech presented an action plan for life science. The action plan contains 25 proposals for measures to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness. Many of the proposed measures are in line with those presented today in the government coordinator’s report.

– It shows that there is a clear way forward for life sciences and most people agree on what needs to be done. The challenge lies in the implementation and it is important that the government takes action and takes responsibility for leading and coordinating the necessary efforts,” says Ingrid Heath.

Among the measures proposed, it is important that:

  • Sweden continues to prioritize investments in medical and technological research.
  • State venture capital is being reoriented towards long-term investments in companies in the commercialization phase.
  • Healthcare providers are incentivized and evaluated on their participation in developing new innovations and being an active user of news.
  • Match other countries’ offers to companies considering establishing R&D and production facilities in Sweden.
  • The authorities actively contribute to the effective management of the regulatory framework.

SwedenBIO looks forward to a continued dialog on the government’s efforts to strengthen life science in Sweden.

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