SwedenBIO part of new EU support office for SMEs

From April 1, SwedenBIO is part of a new consortium that runs a joint support office to support companies that want to participate in Horizon 2020.

VINNOVA and Tillväxtverket are jointly funding a new “Support Office for SMEs for Horizon 2020”. The purpose of the support office is to increase Swedish participation in projects funded by the EU research program Horizon 2020.

The Support Office will provide free advice to companies wishing to apply and participate in an EU call.

There have also previously been support offices, including SwedenBIO’s EU Support Office and EU SME Support at RISE. With the new larger support office, activities will be coordinated under one umbrella. Another new feature is that there are EEN offices in the support organization, which means better opportunities to reach out widely with information and support to small businesses.

The consortium behind the new support office includes 8 partners:

  • Four institutes within RISE:
    SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden *
    Acreo Swedish ICT *
    Swerea IVF*
  • Sweden Bio
  • LTU Business* (LTU= Luleå University of Technology)
  • Uminova Innovation AB (Umeå)*
  • IVL Swedish Environmental Institute

*ONE office

The core tasks of the support office will be:

  • advice, support and dissemination of information
  • training and workshops on relevant aspects of Horizon 2020
  • establish forums for the exchange of experience and networking.

The people who will staff the support office are highly skilled for the task, with most of them having several years of previous advisory experience in SMEs and research funding, IPR issues, financial issues and business advice. For life science companies, the best access to the new support office is via Tuulikki Lindmark, who is based at SwedenBIO. The support service is open to all companies seeking advice and information on current and future Horizon 2020 calls.

The support office is up and running as of April 1 and has received funding for three years, with the possibility of extension.

Contact us:

Tuulikki Lindmark
0702 33 25 57

Read more: VINNOVA press release.