SwedenBIO Summit 2020 – watch the clips afterwards

The road to the stock exchange, the importance of marketplaces, how Almi Invest invests in life sciences. Here you will find the clips from the SwedenBIO Summit on the theme "Follow the money" and "Money talks". We also talk about smart ways to share and use skills in "Dare to share".

SwedenBIO Summit: CEO Strigård on 2020 and the future

Helena Strigård, CEO of SwedenBIO, opens this year’s SwedenBio Summit 2020 from the Grand Hotel in Stockholm on December 9.

How will the life science company be financed?

Erik Kinnman, CEO of Abliva, shares his experiences with visitors at SwedenBIO Summit 2020.

The importance of marketplaces for life sciences

Peter Gönczi, CEO, Spotlight Group, Adam Kostyal, European Listing Manager, Nasdaq and Helena Strigård, CEO, SwedenBIO, discuss the stock market for bio, pharma and medtech stocks.

Pharmiva’s path to the stock market

Christina Östberg Lloyd, CEO of Pharmiva and Helena Strigård, CEO of SwedenBIO talk about the small life science company’s challenges and crossroads before the listing.

How Almi Invest invests in life science

Maria Tell, Investment Manager, Almi Invest talks about how companies benefit from investments, with Helena Strigård, CEO SwedenBIO during SwedenBIO Summit 2020.

Interim – on skills management in life sciences

Björn Henriksson, CEO, Nordic Interim, Annika Muskantor, Interim CFO, Frideborg Consulting talks with Frida Lawenius, Vice President, SwedenBIO about providing skills in new and innovative ways during SwedenBIO Summit 2020.

How is knowledge shared between life science companies?

Frida Lawenius, Vice President, SwedenBIO, talks with Maarten de Chateau CEO, Sixera Pharma and Buzzard Pharmaceuticals and Martin Olovsson CEO, OnDosis during SwedenBIO Summit 2020.

The winner of the SwedenBIO Award 2020

Lars Adlersson, Chairman of the Board, SwedenBIO and Johan Christenson, Partner, HealthCap reveal this year’s winners of the SwedenBIO Award.

Pharmaceutical developer wins SwedenBIO Award 2020

Renee Aguiar-Lucander, CEO, Calliditas Therapeutics on the company and the path to an approved drug for kidney disease. The award was presented at the SwedenBIO Summit 2020 at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.