SwedenBIO welcomes new life science fund – Eir Ventures raises SEK 76 million. euro

Eir Ventures was launched in July and in just a few weeks almost 200 companies have applied for funding from the new fund. The fund is supported by a strong investor syndicate consisting of Saminvest, the European Investment Fund (EIF), Vækstfonden, Novo Holdings and other private investors. Six Swedish universities have also invested in the fund through the joint holding company Svenska Stjärnor.

– The plan is to invest in 2-3 companies already this year and in the long term we intend to have 12-15 in the portfolio. We will make investments in both start-ups and established companies, focusing particularly on innovations from the Nordic region’s leading universities and incubators,” says Stephan Christgau, Founding Partner at Eir Ventures.

He sees investment opportunitiesin the imbalance of companies and the number of specialized life scienceinvestors in the region. Although international investors are increasingly aware of companies in this region – something SwedenBIO is actively promoting – a local anchor investor is often needed to invest.

– At Eir Ventures, we all have a very wide network of international investors and we prioritize building strong syndicates in the companies we join. We will also be an active partner for our portfolio companies to ensure that they focus on the activities that create the most value.

Eir Venture’s main focus will be on companies developing new medicines, but the fund can also invest in digital health and medical technologies. The fund is backed by Magnus Persson, Andreas Segerros, Stephan Christgau and Amanda Hayward, all of whom have extensive experience in life science ventures. The fund is registered in Sweden but has offices in both Stockholm and Copenhagen.