SwedenBIO’s proposal for changes to the state risk capital scheme

The government's review of state venture capital is an important piece of the puzzle in the work to strengthen the life science sector in Sweden. SwedenBIO proposes a tailor-made solution to meet the specific requirements of life science investments.

The Swedish National Audit Office’s analysis of state venture capital in 2014 revealed several challenges. Among other things, it showed that government venture capital was not very risk averse and that too much capital is inactive. When the government now reviews the state risk capital, it should also fully implement the changes required to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness as a life science nation in a powerful and far-sighted way.

Read SwedenBIO’s proposal to grow life science through government venture capital.

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Jonas Ekstrand, CEO SwedenBIO, jonas.ekstrand@swedenbio.se or 0703 02 08 96

Ingrid Heath, Vice President and Head of Policy SwedenBIO, ingrid.heath@swedenbio.se or 0701 74 76 33

For further proposals on measures to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness, see our life science action plan at www.swedenbio.se/handlingsplan.