Talking 2021 with the Vaccine Factory

With an increase of 40 new members in 2020, SwedenBIO will have both an increased weight in speaking for the industry but also as a platform for your members to network with each other. What does one of our newest members, Vaccinfabriken, see as opportunities in 2021 and what are their expectations of membership? We ask CEO Jens Bäck.

What will happen in your company in 2021?

– We aim to complete the pre-clinical studies and be ready to enter the clinical phase with our lead project with a therapeutic curative vaccine against hepatitis B and D. In conjunction with this, we will also raise external capital to accelerate the development. The year ahead is an intense phase.

How have you been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

– Like most people, we have had to change and do more of the work in digital format such as various types of meetings etc., however, basic research is ongoing in the same way as before and we work at an increasing pace with our main projects.

You are working on developing vaccines against hepatitis D and B, among others, do you have plans to develop other types of vaccines in the future?

– We are working on a platform based on finding the different parts of the virus that can activate the type of immune response that we believe can fight the infection. With this approach to developing our therapies, we envision looking at additional diseases with high unmet medical needs. We also have an ongoing project on cornavirus.

How do you hope to benefit from and contribute to the SwedenBIO community?

– Dialogue, cooperation and discussion are important to us and how we can work together to make the climate even better for Swedish research and development.