That was the starting point for the government – the life science strategy is here!

Today the government is publishing a national life science strategy for Sweden after an extensive process of collecting proposals. With that, we can conclude that the government has now started the part of its work that involves turning proposals and ambitions into reality.

The strategy is highly anticipated by the entire sector, industry, academia and health care have all contributed with proposals and many actors, not least SwedenBIO, are already doing their part to implement what we can of the proposals recorded.

Now we expect the government to do the same,” says Helena Strigård, CEO of SwedenBIO.

– A strategy that brings the sector together and sets a direction for the government is an important signal. As such, we welcome the strategy but also note that when it comes to implementing the proposals, many actors have already joined forces and are now working on this operationally. The government is welcome to join anytime.

The expectation from the industry is now that both the Government Offices and various authorities can meet the efforts made by the sector itself to make Sweden a stronger life science nation. These include SwedenBIO’s work to attract and retain life science establishments in Sweden and efforts to strengthen the ability of home-grown companies to grow and meet global market demand.

According to Strigård, what is required now is both rapid preparation in the parts where the proposals are based on regular changes and resources in the upcoming budget bill so that the life science office has enough power to act.

– Otherwise, this is little more than a statement of intent. Some positive steps have already been taken, for example by setting up inquiries. It is particularly pleasing that the need to let non-academic researchers into our research infrastructures has been addressed.

All 8 areas that the government is now proposing are important for the sector, SwedenBIO believes and thus supports the life science office’s choice to work broadly with the complex conditions that apply to a sector that is in the borderland between business, healthcare and academia, and not just the narrower approach originally presented in the government’s roadmap. For SwedenBIO, it is now a given that together with other actors in the life science office’s collaboration group, we will try to make progress on all of them in parallel.

– There are so many low-hanging fruits in so many areas, not least in terms of making research infrastructure and health data available and making Sweden visible as a life science nation internationally to intelligent capital. There is no need to waste energy shouting about which is more important. That energy should instead be spent on enforcement.

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The industry organization SwedenBIO’s more than 275 member companies have a total of 20,000 employees who contribute in various ways to the development of new treatments to prevent and alleviate ill health. Members include companies that are active in drug development, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics or are experts in areas such as business development, financing, intellectual property and law.