The Idea for Patients Podcast is here!

The first episode of the Ideas for Patients podcast is now available. The new season of the SwedenBIO studio focuses in six episodes on the journey from idea to clinical trial.

The Idea to Patient podcast season is a joint production between the CTR Group and SwedenBIO. The season includes six episodes where invited guests from the pharmaceutical industry will talk about the pitfalls and highlights of early drug development. Sections two and four will reflect the path to clinical trials and section five will include discussions on first-in-human trials.

The pilot section ‘An introduction to translational research’ discusses expectations and content for future sections. Frida Lawenius, Deputy CEO of SwedenBIO, hosts the episode, and is joined by Karin Meyer, CEO of CTR. Together they review the concept of translational research and discuss the different audiences for the podcast.

The Idea to Patient podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and if you want to listen directly in your browser, click here .

Season 2, the Idea to Patient podcast, is recorded in collaboration with the CTR group and invites guests from the pharmaceutical industry to discuss the early stages of drug development – how to take your product from the idea stage all the way to clinical trials.