The price tag for the clinical trial application will be SEK 55,000 instead of SEK 150,000.

The Government has decided to support the conditions for more clinical trials to be conducted in Sweden by setting the application fee for clinical trials at SEK 55,000.

According to the Swedish Medical Products Agency’s calculations, the fee would have amounted to SEK 150,000 to achieve the requirement for full cost recovery, but the government is committed to paying the difference.

– The clinical trials of pharmaceuticals are important for research in Sweden, and the government has stated in the life science strategy the goal of getting more pharmaceutical trials here. By subsidizing the fees for clinical trials, we are supporting this important research,” said Minister for Social Affairs Lena Hallengren in a press release announcing the decision.

– It is gratifying that the government chooses to subsidize the costs of the application for clinical drug trials, says Frida Lawenius, Vice President of SwedenBIO. The cost of the application is now more in line with our Nordic neighbors and, for example, Germany, France and the UK. It is these countries that we compete with in the choice of where clinical studies are located and thus the possibilities of achieving the political ambition of more clinical studies in Sweden.

In the process of setting the fees to the Swedish Medical Products Agency for 2022-2026, SwedenBIO has emphasized the importance of a reasonable and competitive price tag, especially for the smaller drug development companies.

– “A reasonable price tag is, along with fast and smooth processes in the licensing process, an important piece of the puzzle for Sweden’s attractiveness for clinical trials, not least for the smaller drug development companies,” comments Frida Lawenius.

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