Antimicrobial resistance is a growing and topical threat to the treatment of our most common diseases. The problem of #TheSilentPandemic must be highlighted from different directions and SwedenBIO wants to do so by highlighting the knowledge and innovation that already exists in Swedish life science. The AMR Task Force has developed annual campaigns for WHO’s World Antimicrobial Awareness Week on November 18-24 to draw attention to the topic.

Responsible publisher is Frida Lawenius.

#campaignfilm 2022

Antibiotic resistance is the silent pandemic

Sweden is good at reducing antibiotic prescriptions, but this is not enough. Resistant bacteria do not stop at border controls, but enter our homes and hospitals as our travel patterns become increasingly global. To address the problems, several different actions need to be taken simultaneously. Read our opinion piece in Altinget.

#campaignfilm 2021

Sweden is the best in the world – but bacteria take flight

To counter the #SilentPandemic, a multi-pronged fight is needed. We need to reduce the use of antibiotics and find new ways to tackle these deadly bacteria. What is needed to make this possible? Read our opinion piece in it-hä