TLV calls for new medical devices for digital imaging applications

The Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV) is currently conducting a so-called thematic scan to identify new medical devices for digital imaging with a focus on radiology and pathology. These are products that perform some form of automated review or analysis of digital images and thus act as a decision support for responsible clinicians. Fredrik Tamsen, investigator at TLV tells us more.

What is the purpose of the thematic survey?

– To capture interesting medical devices in the field of automated digital imaging. For example, software that indicates areas of tumor cells in pathological specimens or highlights changes on lung scans. Such products are intended to support the clinician in their assessment. TLV’s thematic surveys aim to get an overview of a specific area and then present a summary to the regions’ collaborative model for medical technology. Ultimately, the aim is for the MTP Council, within the regional collaboration model, to capture interesting medical technologies for its national recommendations.

Which companies do you want to hear from and how do you go about it?

– Any company with products in this field can contact us. So can anyone who works with, or otherwise has knowledge of, the products. The TLV website has more information and a form to fill in:

Do you have any messages for SwedenBIO members and life science companies?

– Take the opportunity to recommend products and spread the word! The aim is to find suitable products for nationally ordered introduction in Sweden, so that patients across the country can benefit from the new technology.

What kind of outcome do you hope for?

– I hope to receive many interesting tips. Automated digital imaging is an exciting area where, as an engineer and doctor, I am convinced that it will be increasingly used in the future.