Voices from NLSDays 2021

Genetic Analysis had over twenty partnering meetings with pharma and investors, and several that are quickly proceeding forward. The company is based in Oslo and was one of the selected NLS Invest Rising Stars. We asked CCO Anita Patel Jusnes to share her experiences of #NLSDays and tell us more about the company.

Hello Anita Patel Jusnes, Chief Commercial Officer at Genetic Analysis

During NLSDays you had over twenty partnering meetings with pharma and investors, and several that are quickly proceeding forward. What do you bring back home?

– Genetic Analysis got a lot of traction this year and we think this is mainly due to the hot topic of genomics and market trends around microbiome. Many players are entering the market and the awareness of gut microbiome’s role in health was high among the people we met. Very effective 30 min calls with a focus on mutual interest. We did capture many good comments/objections and we did follow-up on email to all after the meeting. Happy to say we are moving forward with some of these leads after NLSDays.

Would you like to tell us of a particularly fruitful meeting during the event?

– Generally the meetings were positive and good. The best ones were those who ended with “let’s schedule a new meeting soon”. We had an internal rating system 1 to 10, and out of 22 meetings 5 were above 7. We regarded this as a strong outcome and we know that they would comeback with either a yes or no regarding investments or partnership. We also appreciated the strong mix of really interesting investors and pharma companies that NLS had managed to gather. Really impressive network! The Life Science Space needs more of these events.

Which new insights do you bring with you from NLSDays 2021?

– The microbiome industry is getting more and more traction. Genetic Analysis needs to be more visible in the market. These kind of digital events are very effective and gives a different kind of visibility. Many investors were only looking at early stage start-ups and some are also interested in scale-ups. Very interesting to learn more about the dynamics in the investor market and how they perceive the microbiome industry moving forward.

Genetic Analysis is a pioneer in the human microbiota field. What is the next step to develop your business? And what are you hoping to achieve in the end?

– Continue to scale-up our business today, and strengthen our pipeline with more R&D projects. Our vision is to be the #1 company to offer routine microbiome testing worldwide.

Highlights from NLSDays Digital, 20th April 2021

Highlights from NLSDays Digital, 21st April 2021