Want to see service companies expand internationally

- In Sweden we have a number of good service companies. They employ people, make money, innovate and pay taxes. I think we should focus on getting them to grow internationally," says Björn Ursing, membership manager at SwedenBIO.

Therefore, SwedenBIO has initiated a collaboration with Business Sweden, which will make it easier for service companies to expand internationally. As a first step, two workshops took place, one in Lund and one in Stockholm, to get an idea of needs and desired activities.

– “We now have a good starting point for developing a concept for service companies in life science,” agree Sven Sievers and Anna Gisselsson, both Global Business Developers, SME at Business Sweden, who will continue the work this fall.

For more information contact Björn Ursing, SwedenBIO membership manager at bjorn.ursing@swedenbio.se