We are looking for a Policy Manager for SwedenBIO!

Life science is one of Sweden's most successful and significant industries. The industry organization SwedenBIO represents nearly 230 companies and organizations active in the entire life science industry.

We work for a competitive life science industry in Sweden. We create effective networks and meeting places with a wide range of contacts, build and disseminate knowledge and drive opinion to give the industry a strong voice.

For one of Sweden’s most exciting and challenging jobs in life sciences, we are now looking for a Head of Policy to continue our tireless work to help our members succeed.

The Head of Policy is responsible, in consultation with the CEO, for developing strategies, overall direction and action plans for SwedenBIO’s activities. The position includes operational responsibility for policy issues with the task of conducting an internal and public discussion on the opportunities, conditions and needs of the sector. The Policy Director interacts with the Board and other member bodies, such as strategy and working groups, and a wide range of external stakeholders in Sweden and abroad. SwedenBIO is committed to translating the insights gained into practical action and is often represented by its Head of Policy.

To succeed in the role of Policy Manager, you should:

  • have experience in the life science industry with considerable knowledge and understanding of the industry’s needs.
  • have solid experience in business intelligence in life sciences and a reputable and documented experience in describing and explaining complex events and contexts to different target groups.
  • have a broad network within SwedenBIO’s areas of activity.
  • be perceived as a positive authority in the life science industry and in society at large.
  • have proven leadership and management experience with responsibility for results, and be an experienced project manager.
  • be driven and enterprising with a proven ability to work both independently and in close cooperation with others.

For further information about the position of Policy Manager at SwedenBIO, please contact CEO Jonas Ekstrand, tel. 070-3020896, which also accepts applications at jonas.ekstrand@swedenbio.se. The position will be filled by continuous selection.