Our international work

The market for life science companies is global in the vast majority of cases. But it is not only the end goal that is governed by the logic of a global market. Along the way, many life science companies, small and large, depend on international research collaborations, business contacts, customers and investors.

It is therefore not surprising that 100% of the companies in our published survey of the Swedish pharmaceutical pipeline have one or more international collaborations. A full 50% have international investors, 87% have research collaborations with academia or companies around the world and 48% have recruited internationally to their board. Without having the exact figures for biotechnology and medical device companies, we know from our members that international contacts are important for them as well.

This is the basis for SwedenBIO’s international work, which aims to expand our members’ business networks at the strongest life science nodes in different parts of the world and increase our international visibility as a life science nation in general.

One of our most important tools in this work is our own meeting platform Nordic Life Science Days, the largest partnering conference in the Nordic region. It brings together around 1400 delegates from 40 countries each year for 3000 partnering meetings and informal networking.

‘Our work aims to to to expand our members’ business networks at the strongest life science nodes in different parts of the world”

Our international work is done in close collaboration with private and public sector organizations in the strong life science hubs we have chosen to focus on. In particular, we work with the life science industry in South Korea, Japan, California and the East Coast of the United States. And of course in Europe and our neighboring Nordic countries.

Together with our sister organizations in the Nordic life science consortium, we annually run the Nordic pavilions at events such as the BIO Convention in the US, organize joint events (Nordic Mixer) and produce communication about the Nordic strengths in life science. We also help produce facts and spread knowledge about the industry at the Nordic level and act under the Nordic Council of Ministers’ official brand “The Nordics“.

The Nordics – a perfect setting for partnerships and investments