The whole has become our niche

As the only player, we bring together the whole of Swedish life science, from small one-man companies to large international companies, always with the entrepreneur at the center and with a focus on companies operating in Sweden with research, development and/or production.

What we push for politicians and other decision-makers to change, we also actively work on ourselves, through our own efforts. Therefore, the focus issues that we drive are reflected in our operational work. Members are at the heart of not only shaping the policy agenda but also delivering it. Thanks to our working groups and focus groups with experts from member companies, we reach deep and wide in our advocacy work.

The model that SwedenBIO uses in its advocacy work captures the needs of its members and translates them into action.

Our focus questions

Research and development/ Clinical trials

Sweden’s ability to be a leading research nation in life science is closely linked to the conditions for life science companies to conduct research and development (R&D).

Skills supply

Good access to quality skills is crucial. SwedenBIO is working to find smarter ways to use our collective competence resource, so that it can benefit a larger part of the industry.

Intelligent capital

SwedenBIO has the entrepreneur at its heart. And for our industry’s entrepreneurs, access to capital is always key. We work to ensure good access to serious, skilled international capital.

Country of production Sweden

Sweden is a strong life science production country with many comparative advantages. We want Sweden to be the first choice for international establishments and for life science companies to be able to develop and expand their operations here.

International brightness and attractiveness

In global competition, Sweden needs to offer attractive conditions for life science companies to grow and develop here, as well as for international companies to decide to locate operations in our country.

Our representation in national and international bodies

SwedenBIO is a member of several different national and international bodies where we actively raise and influence issues affecting the life science industry.

Our press work

How we make the industry’s voice heard in the media

SwedenBIO works to make the industry’s voice heard in the media through press releases, debate articles and participation in relevant media organizations. Visit our press room to view our latest press releases and media appearances.

Response to the consultation

Feedback – a way to influence

SwedenBIO is a referral body for various issues concerning the life science sector. We respond to referrals that come from authorities in Sweden but also from various EU bodies and institutions where we believe we can influence issues that affect our members and the life science sector in general.

Health data

Agreement on the use of health data with Region Stockholm and the Center for Health Data.

Together with other industry organizations, SwedenBIO has agreed with Region Stockholm and the Center for Health Data on common rules for collaboration on health data.

Region Stockholm has extensive databases and requests for data extraction are coordinated by the Center for Health Data. The purpose of the agreement is to create better conditions for the use and disclosure of health data in collaboration with the life science industry, where companies are given clear conditions while ensuring privacy protection for patients and residents.

The agreement has been signed between the Swedish Medical Products Industry Association (Lif), Swedish Medtech, SwedenBIO and Swedish Labtech, Region Stockholm and the Center for Health Data.

Fast facts from “The Swedish Drug Discovery and Development Pipeline 2023”

Companies headquartered in Sweden are currently researching new medicines.

Pharmaceutical projects underway, more than 100 in the field of cancer

Of the pharmaceutical companies are from academia or health care sector

Previous campaigns and policy work

Campaign: AMR

Today marks the start of World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) – an important WHO initiative to raise awareness and highlight the problem of antimicrobial resistance.

Sweden is a leader in ATMP

Sweden needs to focus on cell, gene and tissue therapies through a national system for the development, commercialization and implementation of ATMPs. This is so that Sweden can meet the ambition to be a leader in ATMP by 2030, but also so that Sweden’s R&D investments in the field will fully create value in the form of industrial competitiveness, growth and benefits for healthcare and patients.

Campaign: clinical trials

Our campaign for #flerkliniskaprövningarisverige is now in full swing! Every Tuesday and Thursday, we highlight thoughts from experts on LinkedIn, but all the content is already on our campaign page, which you can find in the body of this article.

Strengthening collaboration for the development of healthcare

SKR and the life science industry have signed two agreements to develop work on clinical trials and quality registers.


What is required to represent SwedenBIO?

SwedenBIO is often represented by members in external working groups and committees that in various ways affect the conditions of the industry. To be able to represent SwedenBIO, and thus the entire membership, it is required, among other things that views are widely collected via working groups and/or reference groups and that feedback is provided to them. Our member representatives are always based in, or supported by, such a group. Responsibility and trust are personal and cannot be passed on to a colleague in the same company. We strive for an even distribution of member representatives from life science companies of different sizes and orientations. For smaller companies, it is sometimes difficult to find the time. This is why we sometimes work with two representatives. All member representatives report to, and are supported by, the SwedenBIO secretariat.