The research and innovation proposal

In the autumn of 2020, the Government presented the research policy proposal for 2021-2024. Here is our input:

  1. Making research infrastructure accessible
  2. Establish a program for exploratory collaborative research in Life Sciences.
  3. Enabling more clinical trials in Sweden
  4. Abolish fees for scientific advice at the Medical Products Agency.
  5. Stronger target for participation in EU framework programs
  6. Expand and make permanent the National Platform for Life Science Incubation.
  7. Avoid ineffective policies

The proposals go into depth on what and how to change and have been selected based on their suitability for implementation in a research policy proposal. In total, seven proposals to the government have been developed through collaboration with SwedenBIO’s public affairs and R&D working groups and a number of other members. In addition, SwedenBIO once again submits its input “Sweden’s international attractiveness and attractiveness as a life science nation” that was developed for the national life science strategy, as the government has not taken any significant efforts to achieve this attractiveness and attractiveness.

Read the full submission here: SwedenBIO’s input to R&I