Avoid ineffective policies

SwedenBIO’s assessment:

Effective and efficient policy development and the development of systemic change approaches require the authorities that own the issue to be at the heart of the process. Increasingly today, R&D and collaborative research funds are being used for this purpose in inefficient ways, i.e., by not being used for the intended purpose. by actors who lack the mandate and legitimacy to drive these processes and without the support needed for implementation.

SwedenBIO’s Proposal:

  • The government should mandate authorities relevant to the area of action to develop such proposals, so that the mandate and legitimacy of the process is established.
  • The terms of reference should set out the coordination responsibilities, as well as the requirement to involve stakeholders affected by policies and practices in the field of action.
  • Missions need to be accompanied by funding and management appropriations for these activities, outside the government research funding budget.

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