Enabling more clinical trials in Sweden

SwedenBIO's input to the research policy bill Proposal 3 of 7.

SwedenBIO’s assessment

Clinical research is essential for patients to have access to the best possible care. The
company-initiated clinical trials are an important part of this. They represent an operational approach
research that contributes to the development of health care and treatment outcomes.
improved. Measures are needed to stimulate more company-initiated clinical trials in Sweden.

SwedenBIO’s Proposal:

  • Clinical Studies Sweden should be transferred to SKL.
  • Enable earmarking for infrastructure so that payments from industry-sponsored clinical trials can be used to, for example, hire more research nurses and create combined university services.
  • Create good conditions for health professionals to conduct clinical research by allocating research time and creating incentives for more nurses to train as research nurses.
  • An important condition for collaboration between business and healthcare is clarity on how data can be shared. Obstacles to adequate and ethical sharing of health data to enable collaborative research must be addressed now. It is therefore extremely important that the regulatory frameworks for data sharing between healthcare providers and between healthcare and academia, as well as sharing with companies, are managed in parallel and not sequentially so as not to lose valuable time.

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