Establish a program for exploratory collaborative research in Life Sciences.

SwedenBIO's input to the research policy bill Proposal 2 of 7.

SwedenBIO’s assessment:

The collaboration climate needs to be strengthened to secure both business sector R&D investments and future export revenues in Life Science, and there is currently a lack of funds to attract and lower the thresholds for exploratory collaborative research that would enable such a development. Such funding creates incentives for often well-funded researchers to collaborate with companies and lowers the thresholds for both large and small to locate such high-risk projects here.

SwedenBIO’s proposal:

Vinnova, preferably in consultation with the Swedish Research Council, establishes a Program for Exploratory Collaborative Research in Life Science (SEK 100 million/year).
– Centers, Projects and Mobility (industry doctoral students, industry postdocs and sabbaticals in another company or sector).

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